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South Beach Style

Nothing says chic and modern as South beach. This iconic neighborhood located in Miami Beach is known for its beautiful beaches and celebrity sight seeing. It is also known for its unique architectural design and amazing eateries.Oh beautiful South Beach!! Well, but did you know you can add a South Beach style to your next home renovation project?

The squared, flat molding that comes in different sizes, known as South Beach Style molding, can do just that. The South Beach Style is a versatile profile and can be used in various ways. Sizes include 1×3 (2 1/2″ X 1/4 X 17LF) 1X4 (3 1/2″ X 3/4 X 17LF) 1X6 (5 1/2″ X 9/16″ X 16LF) 1X8 (7 1/4″ X 5/8″ X 16LF) AND 1X10 (9 1/2″ X 1/2″ X 16LF). ALL SIZES AVAILABLE IN MDF AND PINE.

Using it as a baseboard will add a modern touch to any space, whether it is a home that needs some TLC, or a comercial building. This style definitely complements any modern floor you choose -Tile, engineered wood, vinyl- although you can also mix things up with a more traditional floor and create a beautiful vintage look. So, which size should you chose? the height of the ceiling of the room will give you an idea of the perfect size for your project. In general, the higher the ceiling the higher the molding used.

A smaller South Beach style is also used in doors and window trim, making the area clean to the sight. It can also be used to give mirror frames an unique touch. If you are thinking of adding dimension and architectural detail to a room with a coffered ceiling, the South Beach style is the molding you need. It is also used for wainscoting and wall designs as well as wall cladding (you can actually use any of the available sizes for cladding, and it looks amazing!)

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