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Crown Molding Returns 

Crown Molding Returns 

Molding decoration is officially returning to the interior design scene for 2021. Not only are they easy to install, but they will also give a modern and elegant look to any room, including your kids’ room!

With so many different styles to choose from, it is almost certain you will find something to meet your style and your budget. Moldings have been a classic piece of decorations for decades, I’m sure you have seen them in the past, likely at your grandma’s house, or in a magazine. Well, now be ready to use this classic piece to bring in a contemporary look to your home. Start the new year with a trendy and affordable renovation. Moldings can certainly make any area cozy. One great advantage that moldings have is that we can paint them in any color we want, thus creating infinite possibilities, leaving their classical look behind.

Want your home to have a grand entry? create a clean, crisp, and beautiful entrance by covering the frames with flat molding.
Create any design with picture frames to highlight the walls of a special room.

Use a thin profile (nothing bigger than 3 1/2 “) to divide a wall horizontally,  simple yet innovative and elegant. Use a patterned paper wall on the top and a matching color on the bottom, or vice versa. Add some trendy color to the bottom and use a classical white on top. If you want to go beyond simple, and your budget allows it, add some wainscoting to the bottom.

Moldings can also brighten up your ceilings, we have talked in the past about how to incorporate moldings into this important part of our homes with coffered ceilings. Our customers surprise me every day with the fantastic designs they come up with using our material in such amazing and sometimes innovative ways. With flex moldings at hand, you can create even the most complex designs.

Interior designers are commonly using contemporary crown molding in high roofs to make them look elegant yet modern and clean.
As you can see, moldings can be used in any room. Take advantage of this new trend and make your house a beautiful home.

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