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What’s all the Buzz About Composite Decking?

What’s all the Buzz About Composite Decking?

Decks, broad walks, piers and any outdoor space you can think of are the perfect places to hang out during a late summer night or a sunny afternoon in the fall. But maintaining that large area of lumber is downright expensive and tedious. Composite decking has been around for a couple of decades but has been gaining popularity lately. Here I will share with your guys some of the amazing qualities found in composite.


Compared to high-quality wood such as IPE, Cumaru, or Mahogany, composite carries lower prices that can fit your budget. Nowadays there is a wide variability of colors and sizes. At US Lumber Supply prices start at $2.75 per linear foot. Composite does not rot or attract termites, therefore, it is unlikely you will need to replace your deck- think of it as a one time expense.


Basically all you need is a leaf blower-or something similar, dish soap, soft-bristled brush, and a water hose. For routine maintenance keep your composite deck free of dirt and debris with the leaf blower. Mix warm water with dish soap and after hosing your deck down thoroughly with water, apply the soap and using the soft-bristled brush to get rid of stubborn dirt- this will also help get rid of mold, then remove the excess soap with the water hose again. We recommend doing this every change of season. If you have a pressure cleaning machine go ahead and use it, this is definitely faster and equally effective. All composite is prone to fading the first couple of months of sun exposure, but then that fading stops.


All composite is made from recycled plastic bags and other waste materials. This is huge for the environment. According to, last year the composite industry recycled more than 6 million pounds of material that otherwise would have ended up in our oceans and landfills.


Composite decking is gaining worldwide popularity and you can now find it anywhere from luxurious hotel decks to marinas and broad walks infamous beaches. The improved resemblance to real wood and a large palette of colors are some of the reasons why this contemporary material is such a reasonable option for your next project.

And there you have it guys. Visit our showroom and one of our sales associates will be happy to show you around!


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